About The Less Desirables

Tim Beeman and Brian Attridge started this little podcast back in February 2010. A little later, Eugene B. Sims, Tim’s best bud, joined, first as the Official Third Wheel and then as a full-time co-host. The idea of “speaking into the can” was originally thought of over some drinks at the “Official Emerald Isle” of The Less Desirables, Finnigan’s Wake. Brian left to explore different ventures, and eventually, so did Eugene. Caitlin Weaver, president of the Winston-Salem Jaycees, came on as co-host in 2015, and Danielle in 2016. Caitlin left, and Bethany came in 2017. Danielle left in 2021. We have had several “third wheel guests/co-hosts” like Tracy B., Bad Ass Izzy, and now, Nikkie. Check out our weekly podcasts on your favorite computer, listen to us at work, or upload them to your favorite listening device for the road. We’re all over the internet. After all, we are your weekly weapon of mass distraction!

NOW, we are located in the Omniverus Studios at Liberty Plaza and have reached over 725 episodes.