You are currently viewing The Less Desirables: June 12, 2024

The Less Desirables: June 12, 2024

The Less Desirables Recorded in The Omniverus Studios at Liberty Plaza.

Mr. Pride Winston-Salem 2024, Roy Fahrenheit joins Tim and Jecie to talk about the title, being in the community, WSNC’s role in the community, some deep and personal things, and just plain fun and debauchery (which wasn’t so plain).

CrewTLD imbibed on some concoction that Jecie made.
Special thanks, as always, to Omniverus General Contractors, Top Leaf Cigar Lounge, Soft Golf, What Da Pho and X1 Communications.
“One Way Or Another” by Shelly Stevens, presented by our amazing music sponsor, Underdog Records.

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