You are currently viewing The Less Desirables: May 22, 2024

The Less Desirables: May 22, 2024

The Less Desirables Recorded in The Omniverus Studios at Liberty Plaza.

Nikkie is out, but Tim, Bethany, and Jecie welcome the beautiful and awesome Christy Bellis of The GoTo Winston-Salem in to talk about The GoTo, why she started it, how having and operating it has changed her, food, food critiquing, music, and more. Jecie gets personal with a situation and Christy and Tim back her up. Christy is a delight and if we can help it, it won’t be the last time she is on the podcast.

CrewTLD imbibed various alcoholic loveliness.
Special thanks, as always, to Omniverus General Contractors, Top Leaf Cigar Lounge, Soft Golf, What Da Pho and X1 Communications.
“On My Way” by Spindle 45 (an EXCLUSIVE that doesn’t even come to streaming services until June 1!!!!), presented by our amazing music sponsor, Underdog Records.

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