You are currently viewing The Less Desirables: January 31, 2024

The Less Desirables: January 31, 2024

The Less Desirables Recorded in The Omniverus Studios at Liberty Plaza.

Tim and Bethany are joined by Karane Alexander, the General Manager at Joyner’s WS. Karane talks about the things happening at the bar, events that are coming, events that have happened and she talks about the new drink named after Tim called The Beeman. Karane also talked about sailing the eastern seaboard and some of the Caribbean during COVID-19 and how she’s an “old soul” born too late.

CrewTLD drank Coco Loco Coffee Porter from NoDa Brewing.

Special thanks, as always, to Omniverus General Contractors, Top Leaf Cigar Lounge, Soft Golf, and X1 Communications.

“This is Our Home” by Steven Jones (the birthday boy), presented by our amazing music sponsor, Underdog Records.

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