You are currently viewing The Less Desirables: September 13, 2023

The Less Desirables: September 13, 2023

The Less Desirables Recorded in The Omniverus Studios at Liberty Plaza. Tim and Bethany welcome Laurie Alley of the band Spindle 45, and she talks about the event “Woofstock” happening this weekend at Raylen Vineyards, and her band will be playing the event. Tickets are $10 in advance and $15 “at the door.” Laurie talks about her musical background, the band, the event, and more. Tim gives a play-by-play of the good and downright ugly of his and The BCPF’s trip to (and from) NYC.

CrewTLD drank Turbodog Brown Ale from Abita.

Special thanks, as always, to Omniverus General Contractors, Top Leaf Cigar Lounge, Soft Golf, and X1 Communications.

“C-A-N-D-Y” by Scott Leftwich and the Atarians, presented by our amazing music sponsor, Underdog Records.

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