You are currently viewing The Less Desirables: June 7, 2023

The Less Desirables: June 7, 2023

The Less Desirables Recorded in The Such-N-Such Media Studios at Liberty Plaza.

Tim and Bethany welcome Nikki Pridgen and Lele Nguyen about the Menagerie Burlesque Show at Joyner’s on June 15. You can still get tickets at Eventbrite, keyword: Menagerie. Nikki and Lele talk about the show and their histories in the hospitality industry. They were great guests. A load of fun!!

CrewTLD imbibed on Green Man Porter.

Special thanks, as always, to Top Leaf Cigar Lounge, Soft Golf, and X1 Communications.

“Casual Mistakes” from FRITZ, presented by our amazing music sponsor, Underdog Records.

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